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Grease Busters

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Creating a Safe Method for Handling
and Controlling Excessive Grease

We have a team of trained professionals who will come to your location whenever you call. We also take pride in providing the best cleaning experience for our customers. So, if you're worried about the safety of your establishment and the health of your customers, have your exhaust cleaned by the best kitchen exhaust cleaning service in Malaysia.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan

A commercial kitchen exhaust fan is a ventilation device used to remove smoke, heat, and cooking odors from a commercial kitchen. It is typically installed above the cooking surface and is connected to a duct system that vents the air outside. This helps to maintain a safe and comfortable working environment for kitchen staff and to comply with fire and health standards.

Header Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Common Types of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan

wall mounted exhaust fan
These fans are mounted on the walls of the kitchen and are used to remove smoke and heat from the immediate cooking area. They are commonly used in small and medium-sized commercial kitchens.
Centrifugal Exhaust Fan
These fans are used to remove smoke and heat from the kitchen by creating a high-pres sure airflow. They are commonly used in large commercial kitchens where a large amount of smoke and heat are produced.

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