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Grease Busters

Kitchen Maintenance Services

Your Kitchen Exhaust
Cleaning Specialist.

Select Grease Busters for professional and timely commercial kitchen maintenance services that meet safety codes. Our team is fully equipped to handle any job size and has extensive experience working in various commercial kitchen settings.

Kitchen Exhaust cleaning specialist

Exhaust Fan Belting Replacement

We replace the worn or damaged belt that attaches an exhaust fan's motor to its fan blades which is known as exhaust fan belting. This is crucial to maintain the fan's efficiency and guard against motor damage.

Exhaust Fan Belting Replacement

Access Panel Installation

An access panel installation for a kitchen duct is the process of installing a removable panel in the ductwork, providing access to the inside of the duct for cleaning and maintenance. We provide such a service because it is important to ensure the proper functioning of the duct system and to prevent the buildup of debris or contaminants by enabling easy access to consistent duct cleaning.

Access Panel Installation

Hood Filters Replacement

We replace the filters in the hood of a kitchen exhaust system by supplying and installing the hood filters of the exact kind. Regular replace- ment of these filters is important to maintain the efficiency of the hood and to prevent fire hazards.

Hood Filters Replacement

Supply and Install

We supply and install a complete kitchen exhaust system, including the hood, ducts, fans, and other components which meets all F&B standards. This is important for the proper ventilation and safety of a commercial kitchen.

Supply and Install